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Born and raised in Minnesota, I moved to Litchfield in 1989 from Minneapolis.  I attended college for business, sociology and philosophy. I served time in the Army National Guard and sincerely hold to my duty to defend the constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.

     My family and I reside on our farm in Grove City. I am an organic farmer; raising chickens, ducks, goats and soon adding sheep. I hunt, fish and trap animals to sustain my family, as well as to control the animal populations. I believe this to be an ethical and spiritual duty. I support small businesses and began product development in 2018. I work with several companies involving athletic enhancement products, fighting knives, steam engine generators, fish carburetors as well as food production.

     My wife Krystle and I have been happily married for 10 years, together we have 6 children. While our children are home schooled, they remain active in sports and activities within the local public school district, which I also support. We take pride in teaching our children morals, respect for others and good work ethics, not only on our farm, but in life itself.  I look forward to serving District 18A.

Committee to Elect Kyle Greene
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