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Abortion: Kyle Greene is Pro-Life.

A lesson from history:

One of the greatest military strategists, Hannibal Barca, defeated Rome in wave after wave, all while having less troops than Rome. Unfortunately for Hannibal, his luck would eventually run out as ancient Carthage's widely accepted religion (at the time) practiced human sacrifices, specifically those of infants, (i.e., abortion). Hannibal's end came in the Second Punic War due to Hannibal running out of men.

Today, history repeats itself with our own military forces.

When Combining Active and Reserve personnel the United States is #7 in the world in terms of troop strength.

In general democrats have more children than republicans. The Republicans knew this in 1973 and set a trap for the democrats known as Roe v. Wade. Today the democrats have allowed the killing of over 45 million babies by abortion. Those victims were democrats. Fast forward from 1973, 18 years and 9 months (voting age + gestation), and you’ll see the democrats begin to lose control of both the Senate and House of Representatives. In 2016 President Trump won enough votes to turn the majority of the united states red, it was predictable.


Judicial Reform

     Government employees are PUBLIC SERVANTS. Our Constitution provides that the people should have a remedy for ALL injuries. Injury from public servants who are "above the law" is no exception.

     Have you or someone you know run afoul of the courts?

     Did the judge apply the law according to legislative intent? 

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